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Tag With Your Horse

Tag With Your Horse

Training Tips

Today we are talking about tag with your horse—delve into the thrill of controlled chaos in this equestrian adventure, turning it into a game of strategy and joy.

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Unleashing Fun: Equestrian Games and Shenanigans

Hey, folks! Welcome back to the world of horseplay and equestrian adventures. In our previous escapades, we explored the realms of soccer and sword fighting with pool noodles. However, today we're faced with a dilemma: no noodles, no soccer ball, just a bunch of enthusiastic riders on horseback. So, what's our game plan? Well, buckle up, because today, we're diving into the thrilling world of tag on horseback!

Tag: Equestrian Edition

Tag – a game that transcends generations. Whether you played it in the schoolyard or the backyard, the thrill of being "it" is universal. Now, imagine adding the power and grace of horses into the mix. That's the game we're playing today. But, hold your horses—there are some ground rules.

Ground Rules and Training Goals

When it comes to tag on horseback, there's more than meets the eye. Our riders, including the spirited Betsy and the daring Miss Cat, are mounted on young and green colts. These colts, in their early days of training, lack the finesse of seasoned horses. Our aim? Develop responsiveness, agility, and a solid handle on these spirited creatures.

Building Foundations with Bart

Meet Bart, a 60-day colt start. The goal here is simple—ensure Bart responds to cues, moves off pressure, and displays versatility in both left and right turns. Why? Well, aside from the sheer joy of winning, these skills come in handy in various equestrian pursuits, including soccer, swordplay with noodles, and, of course, tag.

Unraveling the Tagging Adventure

Let the games begin! As our riders set out on their tag-filled adventure, you'll notice a symphony of movement and controlled chaos. The horses surge forward, riders effortlessly guiding them through twists and turns. It's not just about winning; it's about creating a partnership where horse and rider move as one.

Kid-Broke Magic

Ever heard of "kid-broke"? It's that magical state where horses forgive the playful antics of their riders. Our goal is to foster this forgiving nature, allowing our riders to play like little kids without causing discomfort to their equine partners.

Speed, Direction, and Misdirection

Jupiter, the seasoned trail horse, contrasts with Bart, our aspiring roping horse. The difference in their handling is evident as we witness Jupiter's calm circles and Bart's dynamic turns. The key to success? Misdirection. Like a dance, riders must lead their horses where they least expect, making tag a game of strategy and surprise.

Embracing Discomfort for Resilience

Here's the kicker—these games intentionally make horses mentally uncomfortable. Why? Because, just like humans, horses need to handle unexpected challenges without unraveling. From bicycles to turkeys, we expose our equine friends to a myriad of scenarios. The result? A well-rounded, resilient horse that can navigate the unexpected twists of life.

Conclusion: The Art of Equine Shenanigans

So, there you have it—tag on horseback, a delightful blend of fun, strategy, and equestrian finesse. As we wrap up our games, the horses, now accustomed to the controlled chaos, are ready for a peaceful ride on a loose rein. Remember, the key to a happy and well-adjusted horse is exposing them to a variety of experiences, even if it means playing a little tag. Try these games at home, embrace the shenanigans, and watch as your horse transforms into a true partner in adventure. Until next time, happy riding!

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