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to your spooky, unpredictable, or dangerous horse!

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Riding a horse that is nervous in its surroundings is never fun - for you or your horse. And it isn't safe or productive.

Nervousness can reduce performance, increase anxious feelings, and even lead to injury.

We need our horses to achieve confidence through their respect and trust for us.

Michael Gascon posing gracefully with a horse, showcasing a harmonious connection and the bond between the equestrian and the equine partner.

Imagine this:

In just 30 days from now, you head to the barn for a quick ride. You get there, tack up, and just... go. No drama. No spooking. No lunging for hours just to get your horse to pay attention to you just so you can get a few moments of greatness.

Just a calm and confident ride, right from the start.

A Way For You To:

Build Confidence With ANY Horse

Stop Investing In Training That Isn't Advancing Your Riding

Reduce Money Spent On Gimmicks And Equipment That Don't Work

Eliminate The Guesswork And Sleepless Nights Full Of Stress From An Un-Safe Horse

FINALLY Enjoy Your Rides On Your Horse And Achieve Maximum Performance

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Despite what many people say,

You DON'T need to be a professional trainer or wrangler to realize your horse's full potential.

You just need to learn

The Language Of The Horse

(and we'll teach it to you in the Horse Help Club)

Most people with spooky or nervous horses try to wear out their horses with lunging, medications, or heavy riding and then force them into a scary situation they're not ready for.

And then they wonder why their horses are still bad!

Good horsemen and horsewomen don't dull their horses out.

They teach them to be confident and curious in any situation, regardless of whether they're tired or not by communicating with the horse in the horse's language.

Good horsemen and horsewomen require that their horses are totally focused on them and ready to learn and work - in any situation.

Are you ready to have a happy, confident horse?

Join the Horse Help Club to learn The Language Of The Horse today!

Michael Gascon posing gracefully with a horse, showcasing a harmonious connection and the bond between the equestrian and the equine partner.

Hi, I'm Michael Gascon,

I'm a 5th-generation, world-renowned horse trainer. My training methods have given tens-of-thousands of people a direct, no B.S. guide to training their horse to create more confidence, more fulfillment, and more enjoyable times with their four-legged friends.

As riders, we all want our horses to achieve their potential, but many people struggle with the process to get there.

I created The Horse Help Members' Club to help you achieve maximum performance, relaxation, and focus by teaching you The Language Of The Horse.

Get ready to enjoy:

  • No-Stress Trail Rides
  • Relaxed and Confident Horses, Ready To Learn With You
  • FUN with your horse again - like when you were a kid!
  • Confidence in yourself and your Equine Knowledge

From ponies to Percherons, The Horse Help Members' Club is built for all horses, breeds, and disciplines!

The only requirement? The desire to learn more and have FUN with your horse.

I can't wait to see you over there!



p.s. check out what just a few of our members have to say about working through our program below...

Here's what's included in your membership

For just $19.99 a month, get VIP access to ALL of this learning in The Horse Help Membership Club...

The foundation of everything we do in the Horse Help Club.

Learn the secrets to gaining respect from your horse starting from the ground. If your horse can't pass each grade level, then don't move on to the next or ride until you know that you have full respect from your equine partner.


Find the motivation needed to try these training methods yourself to see real results in the first video!

Thumbnail for MG 'How To' Horse Training Video: Liberty with Tarzan - Part 2, featuring a visual preview of the video content and insights into advanced liberty training techniques.


Find the motivation needed to try these training methods yourself to see real results in the first video!

➡️Set your horse up for success, no matter where life takes them
➡️Help your horse gain confidence in as little as the next 30 days
➡️Create a partnership with your horse that will improve both of your performance
MG Members' Club - Elite

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Receive Training Advice & Support Via Live Chat

personal video analysis

Video Submissions For 1-on-1 Feedback & Tips

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Virtual Challenges & Horse Shows

Compete in Virtual Challenges and Horse Shows And Win Prizes!

private facebook group

Enjoy The Support Of A Private Community Of Like-Minded Horse Enthusiasts!

ustom saddle designed for Wendy Stoos, recognized as the Horse Help Club Gasconite All-Around Champion.
Custom buckle awarded to the Horse Help Club Gasconite All-Around Champion.

Club challenges

Elite & Gasconite Level Members Can Compete In 12 Monthly Challenges and 4 Virtual Horse Shows Every Year For A Chance To Win:

💥Gift Cards
💥Even FREE Retreats!

"I want to thank you for all of the work you put into the Club Challenges and Virtual Horse Shows in 2022. It was such a great and fun idea. I also want to tell everyone who participated how great it was to share these challenges. The amount of encouragement and inspiration that was given freely is awesome. I am so grateful for this group and everyone involved."

– Barb Tamborski

"You are doing an incredible job of sharing your knowledge. You are transforming the lives of riders and their horses!"

– Donna Crocker

"Love this!❤️ You are an amazing trainer, teacher, and leader in the horse world. I just wish every horse owner was as fortunate as I was to find you at the right intersection of my relationship with my horse. You made a real difference. Our conversations now are much more positive. Thank you Michael Gascon for all that you have done."

– Cheryl Shipman

"You are the best! Thank you for all you do for horses and their humans!"

– Karien Bakker

"The desire you have to help people succeed in wherever their individual path leads is amazing. Thank you."

– Michelle Shultz

"Thank you all for your kindness. I feel very humbled, being called out, because each of you have shared adventures and taught me lessons thru this journey. I love you all, and feel like we are one big family, that works together to support and lift each other. I enjoy and appreciate the community that Kelsey and Michael have built here. ❤️❤️❤️"

– Linda Langford

"I have seen Michael answer the same question 100 times and he always is excited and answers it like it's the first time. Never be afraid to ask a question here. They mean what they say."

– Robert Pewitt
Michael Gascon's signature white baseball cap, featuring the MG logo. A stylish and comfortable accessory, perfect for horse enthusiasts and Gascon Horsemanship supporters.

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Customize your DIY horse training experience and get the most out of our safe, simple, and crystal-clear methods! Get real results today!