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Turning Your Stirrups On The Western Saddle

Turning Your Stirrups On The Western Saddle

Do your knees hurt by then end of your ride? Use this trick of turning your stirrups on the western saddle to alleviate leg, knee, and ankle pain!

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Its An Easy Trick To Learn

Hey, hey world, it’s Michael Gascon the Horse Guru and I’m coming to you today over a very common problem. How many of you have got a beautiful horse, a beautiful saddle, but stirrups that are straight?

What is that? Who rides like that? Nobody hopefully! I’m going to show you a trick, how to fix your stirrups. I see so many people wetting their stirrup leathers, putting a stick in there, trying to train the leather. I’m going to tell you a secret, that cow’s dead, you’re not going to train it, okay?

Steps Of Turning Your Stirrups

What you can do is this. I want you to come right over here to the stirrup leather. First things first. Again, this is how it comes from the factory, laying flat, and nice, and even. That’s how they ship it to you.

We want to take off the leather keeper, step number one. Then, move to the front of the stirrup, by the horses shoulder, and do step number two. Come right in here and remove the Blevins Buckle just like that. Remove the buckle from the holes in the leather, just like that, okay. Now, we’re going to flip the metal prongs that hold the stirrup together to the front side of the stirrup leather or the opposite side it was on. Just like this, and put it right back in the same hole. Then, close the Blevins Buckle down. Pull the slack right there tight. Just like that prest-o change-o! You have a brand new saddle.

Just Turn The Leather

Do you think it takes years and years to work in? Maybe you have a new saddle, old saddle style, that’s been worked, and worked on. You don’t have to train the leather. You just have to turn the leather. Again, all we had to do was take off our keeper and just come from the original, backside to the front side of the stirrup leather. If you do that, look how it makes a nice crease and pocket here for your leg.

In Conclusion Of Turning Your Western Saddle Stirrups

It’s not a luxury that we’re afforded, that we can reach down and put our stirrup on when we hop on these colts and horses. You want to swing your leg over and then you’re married to that horse. You want to just be able to lay your foot right in that stirrup without even having to look down for it. That’s what this is going to do for you when you turn your stirrups on the western saddle.

Try that on your saddles, I think you’re really going to enjoy it! Thanks so much for watching!

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