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Fitting A Halter To My Horse

Fitting A Halter To My Horse

Training Tips

Join us as we explore the art of HalterFit with Michael Gascon, The Horse Guru, uncovering how it enhances horse training from groundwork to riding.

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Understanding HalterFit

For many of you reaching out, the topic of HalterFit has sparked curiosity. If you're among the puzzled, fear not. Today, we'll explore this crucial aspect of horsemanship. Steel, sporting one of our natural horsemanship halters, is our perfect model for demonstrating the fit and functionality.

Choosing the Standard

Let's start with the basics. The standard halter, like the one on Steel, is a versatile choice suitable for a wide range of horses, from small drafts to large ponies. Its adjustable design ensures a snug fit, crucial for any equine activity, be it riding or groundwork.

Optimizing Fit for Riding

When transitioning from groundwork to riding, a slight adjustment is in order. By positioning the halter's clip and knots at the base of the horse's face, we ensure it stays in place, minimizing discomfort and allowing for smooth riding experiences.

Deciphering the Knots

Ever wondered about those knots on the halter? One of them, the kidney knot, is a stroke of genius in halter design. It allows for easy adjustment of the halter's size, but for our purposes, securing it in place ensures consistent pressure and control during training sessions.

Finding the Sweet Spot

The positioning of the halter is crucial for effective communication with your horse. Starting midway between the nostrils and eyes is a good rule of thumb, but adjust lower for more spirited horses, maximizing pressure and responsiveness.

Adapting for Various Activities

Whether it's a leisurely trail ride or intense groundwork, the halter proves its versatility. Adjustments in height cater to different scenarios, ensuring safety during tying or maximizing control during training.

The Halter's Versatility

For the uninitiated, it might seem surprising how much can be achieved with just a halter. From basic groundwork to navigating challenging terrains, this humble tool is a horse trainer's best friend. While more specialized equipment may be necessary for advanced maneuvers, the halter remains a staple in any horseman's toolkit.


In wrapping up, let me extend my gratitude for joining us on this exploration of HalterFit. Remember, if you ever find yourself unsure, our website offers guidance in selecting the right halter for your equine companion. In most cases, the standard halter is the way to go. Until next time, happy trails!

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