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Mastering Bridge And Stair Obstacles

Mastering Bridge And Stair Obstacles


Today we are talking about mastering bridge and stair obstacles.

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Introduction To Mastering Bridge And Stair Obstacles

Hey everyone, it's Michael Gascon, and today I've got Bart, a 30-day under saddle gelding, with me. We're about to tackle something new and exciting - stairs! I want to take you through our approach, emphasizing giving Bart the freedom and opportunity to learn. It's all about trust and communication. Let's dive in!

Giving Bart Freedom

As we approach the stairs, the key is to give Bart room to make decisions. We don't want to micromanage every step. He needs to feel confident and in control. If he tries to refuse, we gently guide him, providing clear cues.

Balancing Act On The Stairs

As Bart navigates the stairs, notice how I'm sitting back, allowing him to find his footing. My focus is on looking ahead, ensuring I don't inadvertently influence his movements. It's a dance of trust and balance.

Release Tension At The Top  And Descend With Control

Once we reach the top, it's crucial to reward Bart's efforts. I release the reins, allowing him to relax. This moment of respite strengthens our bond and reinforces that he's done well.

Coming down is just as important as going up. Notice how my feet are way out in front of me. This ensures that when Bart lands, the weight is in the stirrups, not in my seat. This prevents me from being thrown forward, maintaining control.


As Bart lands, I maintain a steady position. I sit back, heels down, and head up. This ensures that his weight lands on his front feet, without affecting my balance. It's a synchronized movement that takes practice. After a successful descent, I give Bart a moment to gather himself. It's important not to rush. This allows him to process the experience and build confidence for the next time.

Conclusion: Keep It Simple And Trust The Process

Remember, whether it's stairs, a jump, or any challenging terrain, simplicity is key. Keep your focus up, not down. Trust your horse, and trust the process. With patience and practice, you and your horse can conquer anything together.

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey. I hope you find success in your own endeavors with your horse. Until next time!

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