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*Twisted Snaffle With Shanks $200


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*Twisted Snaffle With Shanks $200


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Judy Degner
I was skeptical at first, but....

At first I thought, my horse doesn't like this bit but Michael said, of course he doesn't, because now he is "respecting" you. It was amazing the transformation we achieved. It wasn't a matter of him liking it or not, it was me using it and my horse softening and responding to it. I've learned so much horsemanship with Michael's help. I have a soft, respectful horse that is so much easier to ride and this bit makes riding him more fun.

It's fantastic to hear about your positive experience with the bit and the transformation in your horse's behavior. How wonderful that you now have a soft, respectful horse that brings more joy to your rides. Keep up the great work!

Patti Sandage
Great bit and does the job!

I bought a twisted wire with shanks to use on my filly that needed something with a but more guidance than the full cheek snaffle and a bit less leverage than a solid bit. This fits the bill perfectly and having Michael explain exactly how to use it made it the perfect answer for our current training issues. It's also a weighty and well made bit. Glad to add it to my growing collection.

Thank you Patti! We are so glad to hear that the bit is helping with your training!

Tongtong Zhou
Very useful and versatile bit

Not gonna lie, this bit is expensive but it is totally worth the price imo. I’ve been looking for a similar twisted snaffle with shanks like this for a while and haven’t found anything close to it. So I ended up deciding to suck it up and just finally buy this one. I love this bit. Definitely gives you control for when you need it and it’s well made and will last forever. First saw and used this bit at the retreat and glad to have bought one to continue to use and work with it at home with my horses. Nicely made, good thickness to the bit itself and the twisted snaffle with shanks definitely helps give better control if needed.

This is great news! Thank you and we are so happy that the bit is working for what you need!