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Join Us For our horse help challenge!

30 Days.

The Ultimate Challenge To Turn Your Horse Into The Ultimate Partner!

Michael Gascon actively working on a horse in an arena, demonstrating training techniques and skill development in a controlled environment.


Your horse should respect you under saddle and on the ground.

Michael Gascon skillfully riding a horse in an arena, demonstrating expert horsemanship and control.

give to pressure

Your horse should quickly and easily give to pressure.

Michael Gascon actively teaching attendees during a Gascon horsemanship clinic, sharing knowledge and skills in equestrian training.

give & go

Your horse should be able to give his face while moving his feet.

Michael Gascon guiding a horse through an obstacle in the obstacle course, demonstrating skillful horsemanship and teamwork in a challenging environment.


I’ve worked with everything from ponies to Percherons, from pleasure to performance horses. And the training methods I teach work with each one because while every horse is different, they all speak the same language.

My goal is to help riders like you find the confidence and gain the knowledge to work with your horse so you can enjoy your horse passion.

Let's get started!

Michael Gascon
The Horse Guru   |   Gascon Horsemanship