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Lori Brooks
Best Seats in the Thunderdome & Arena

Want to experience the reality of seeing horses & riders become better partners from the comfort of the sideline? Auditing gives you the food, fun & fellowship with other horse enthusiasts without the work!

Auditing a Horse Retreat is a fantastic way to gain knowledge while being around other horse people! Thank you for coming!

Frances Wechsler
Level Up Retreat! Gait Gait Gait!

This retreat was the first one I’ve attended that really went beyond horsemanship and into how our horses move. I learned so much. The bonus for me was being able to ride different horses and get a “feel” for what I’m looking for in gait. I’ll be back in October for the advanced gaiting retreat. Best of all, I went home motivated and confident.

Wow! This is wonderful to hear that you learned so much and really got the understanding of a horse's biomechanics. We truly enjoyed having you, and look forward to seeing you in the fall retreat!

Marti Jourden
Spring Gaited Horse Retreat

While I have participated in 7 other horsey retreats at Michael Gascons, this was my first Gaited retreat. It was top notch. My goal was to learn how to consistently keep my Missouri Fox Trotter gaiting longer and to see how fast he could gait. Not only did ai learn better cues for gaiting but I learned so much more about advanced horsemanship. My horse and I have really developed a strong working relationship due to how Michael teaches. While it was steamy at times we were rarely in the sun. We worked in a covered arena and round pen and when we were not riding we were under a tent with 2 big fans to keep us comfortable. The Gascons are always looking for ways to challenge the repeaters and never fail to come up with new fun adventures. I also met some like-minded riders and had a great time visiting. The food and accommodations are great. Overall, I highly recommend this Gaited retreat because the Gascons are superstars.

Marti, what kind words! Thank you so much for another awesome retreat! We are thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the Gaited Retreat and learned so many new skills for your horse. We hope to see you again at a future retreat!

Barbara Tamborski
June Gaited Retreat 6-11 to 6-15-2024

As always - I learned so much at this retreat. I brought an older horse that had never been there before. I can't believe with just a little adjustment and his gait was smoother. I love these retreats - no matter how many times you go you learn something new and it helps in your horsemanship.

What great news to hear that the Gaited Retreat helped your horse to have a smoother gait! We appreciate you and are ecstatic that you learn something new at each retreat! Thank you and happy riding!

Rita Nesler
New friend

I was very nervous at first but it’s a great way to make new friends

This is fantastic news! It is so nice to hear that new freindships came out of the Retreats at Horse Haven.