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Beginning Liberty With Tarzan Part 1

Beginning Liberty With Tarzan Part 1

Training Tips

Today, we'll explore the intricate art of liberty training, unraveling the techniques and principles that foster a harmonious bond between horse and handler.

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Unlocking the Potential of Liberty Training

Welcome, fellow horse enthusiasts! I'm Michael Gascon from Gascon Horsemanship, and today I'm thrilled to share our progress on liberty training with Tarzan, my wife's extreme Mustang makeover horse. Taking over Tarzan's training while my wife is in full swing, my aim is to elevate his liberty skills and forge a deeper connection with him.

Flexibility in Approach

In the world of horsemanship, adaptability is key. While I've previously demonstrated starting the liberty process without a halter, Tarzan's unique disposition called for a different strategy. Unlike the hot, sensitive horses I'm accustomed to, Tarzan initially exhibited a "stranger danger" response, hesitant to engage without familiarity. Recognizing the need to adjust, I turned to a method by Mustang trainer Kat Zimmerman, tailored for quieter, less responsive horses.

Equipping for Success

Before diving into training, preparation is paramount. Armed with positive reinforcement in the form of cookies and two whips—a four-foot liberty whip and a five-foot whip—I ensure Tarzan is comfortable with the presence of the whips around him. Building trust and familiarity lays the foundation for effective communication during liberty sessions.

Establishing Comfort and Communication

With Tarzan acclimated to the whips, I initiate the training by creating a guiding funnel with their movement. Outward motions signal him to come closer, while upward cues indicate a halt. By maintaining consistent cues and reinforcing boundaries, I establish a clear line of communication with Tarzan.

Progressive Steps in Liberty

As the training progresses, I emphasize the importance of ensuring the horse respects personal space before delving into liberty exercises. Each turn, each maneuver reinforces the draw towards me and the push away, laying the groundwork for seamless communication between us.

Building Trust through Consistency

Consistency is key in liberty training. Whether backing up or maneuvering through turns, I maintain a calm and fluid demeanor, ensuring Tarzan feels secure and understood. Even in moments of hesitation or distraction, I remain steadfast, guiding him back with patience and reassurance.

The Road Ahead

With each session, Tarzan's confidence grows, paving the way for more advanced liberty exercises. From backing up to walking alongside me with my back turned, every milestone strengthens our bond and deepens our trust.

Looking Forward

As we continue this journey, I'll keep you updated on Tarzan's progress, from the initial stages of liberty training to his eventual performance readiness. Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and I look forward to sharing more insights in the future. Until next time, happy trails!

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