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Liberty With Tarzan Part 2

Liberty With Tarzan Part 2

Training Tips

In this exciting session of liberty training with Tarzan, we dive into the intricacies of drawing him in and building a seamless connection.

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Join us as we unravel the secrets behind a successful liberty session, focusing on desensitization, positive reinforcement, and fluid movements. Equipped with two whips and a halter, we aim to overcome Tarzan's initial laziness and lethargy, making the drawing process smoother.

Halter Assistance

Tarzan's lack of energy posed a challenge in drawing him in. To counter this, I introduced a halter, providing the necessary support to enhance the drawing experience. Desensitizing him to the whips becomes the initial step in our liberty journey.

Whipping Technique

As we progress, I aim to be at the end of the lead rope by session two or three, allowing a seamless transition between sides. The strategic use of the whip directs Tarzan's movement – bending towards the shoulder and ribs when switching sides. A gentle touch on the butt signals a speed increase, showcasing the noticeable relaxation in his body.

Post-Ride Liberty

A post-riding liberty session proves effective in taking the edge off. Positive reinforcement, a quick petting session, and admiration for a job well done follow, showcasing the benefits of liberty after saddle work.

Stand and Stay

Implementing a 'stand and stay' command involves raising hands and stepping back. Gradually increasing the distance as days progress reinforces this behavior. Training him to stay further and further, akin to teaching a dog, proves effective in liberty sessions.

Continuous Draw

Maintaining a consistent draw is crucial. Even when Tarzan lacks draw, I refrain from stopping my feet – a valuable lesson from early liberty struggles. Whether in a trailer or on a lead rope, keeping the draw alive is vital for a successful liberty session.

Backing Up

A unique method involves touching under the chest to prompt Tarzan to back up. This technique reinforces responsiveness and cooperation.

Building Trust

Initially exhibiting 'stranger danger,' Tarzan's transformation after just a few liberty sessions, trail rides, and obstacle training is remarkable. The bond deepens, evident in his increasing comfort and willingness to engage.

Sound Signals

Sound signals play a role in communication. A distinct sound prompts him to pay attention and return if he wanders off. The effectiveness of these cues highlights the progress in our communication.

Fluid Movement

Fluidity in movement is a key element. As I turn and walk straight, maintaining constant movement ensures Tarzan follows effortlessly. This demonstrates the harmony achieved through liberty training.

Directional Changes

Smooth directional changes enhance our liberty session. Whips strategically placed guide Tarzan effortlessly, emphasizing the importance of fluid communication between handler and horse.

Circle Management

Circling becomes a dynamic aspect of our session. Keeping the whips in front while changing directions ensures Tarzan responds smoothly. The importance of body language and consistent movement is evident.

Comfort and Cooperation

Tarzan's ease and cooperation are evident as he effortlessly follows my lead. His comfort level allows for natural interaction, making the entire process more enjoyable and effective.


In this third session with Tarzan, the progress is evident. Stay tuned for future videos as we showcase the continued development of this incredible journey!

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